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General Rules

1. Students and their parents should observe punctuality which is an important aspect of personality development.
2. Before coming to school, the child must be made to answer the call of nature, brush his/her teeth, bathe, eat a nutritious breakfast and be dressed neatly in a clean uniform.
3. Children must not be sent to school with toys, money, ornaments etc. The school will not be responsible if any of these articles are lost. Fee money must not be given to children.
4. If the parents wish to celebrate their child/children's birthday at school, it can be previously arranged with the teachers.
5. The lunch box of the child should be packed neatly and should not be put with the school bag as it spoils the books. (Please see recommended Food List).
6. It will be compulsory for all students from class Pre- Nursery onwards to speak in English with the teachers and co-students. Regular conversation tests will be held and the marks obtained will be added to the terminal results.
7. The school is not responsible for any damages/charges whatsoever for any injuries fatal or otherwise, caused during the child's stay in the school.
Though the school takes all precautions, it is not liable in case of accident, unforseen, which could take place within or out side school campus, while out on excursions, taking part in sports/games or any other activity in the school. All expenses in the treatment of such cause will be borne by the parents/guardians of the child.
8. If dues of student will not be deposited for two months then name of that student will be struck off.
9. Monthly fee and dues once paid will not be refunded or adjusted.
10. If a student remains absent for more than a week without any information, her/his name will be struck off the rolls and re-admission will be granted only after the deposition of Rs. 500/- and with prior approval of the Principal.
11. School Leaving Certificate will be issued one week after the submission of application for the same in the school office.

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  • Admission Open for Session 2024-2025